Saturday, 29 December 2007

End of 2007

Pat, my mother in law, was the first person to congratulate me about my graduation besides my husband Woody. She flew from Portugal and was staying over night with us that day to see her children before Christmas.

What a year! I must say. 2007 was absolutely busy year for me. Department closure at work was announced in January, just before my snowboarding holiday in France. After returning from the holiday, I had to run around finding my new job as well as handing over my work to my colleagues in Germany.

In April, the same week I started my new job, this Japanese teaching course which I enrolled back in October started. New job and weekend's not a very good mixture.

One week before Christmas, I finally graduated from this Japanese course. It was eight months since I started, such a relief. My other class mate said that day "I am so excited and happy about this graduation much more than university"

I totally agree. I have never studied so hard in my life. No spare time at all. Thankfully Woody helped me a lot with weekend house work and school runs, without the help, I could not get this far.

My class mate was a very unique person, I could easily believe if somebody said she has mental disability. She gave me an unnecessary headache for the last three months but I took it as it was part of my task to get over.

Christmas eve, after my first free weekend in eight months, my in law brother family arrived to celebrate Christmas.

Mimi brought 20 odds limes all the way from home to make us Margarita. It was very nice fresh limes Margarita and gave us all such a boogie feeling on Christmas Eve. Jug of Margarita, no wonder we were happy chappy.

Although I am not sure it was to do with magical meat balls Mimi made or fresh limes from Margarita, I did not feel so bad the following day. Maybe I should have meat balls and limes more often when I drink alcohol.

Unfortunately the weather was not so great but we tried to keep our tradition of taking our dogs out in the woods before Christmas dinner. Obviously dogs did not care about the weather.

"Let's open presents!!"
Despite that Mimi's determination of opening presents on Christmas eve, though I am not sure that is because she is Catholic, we all managed to resist under the influence and we opened on Christmas morning after returning from Woods walk.
Woody the dog seemed to love opening presents...funny dog. He loves Christmas morning.

Dan made a good effort for his Christmas dinner too. Good chunk of roast veges and stuffed roasted peppers.

I call Mark and Paloma are like angels in the Christmas story. They only seem to appear on Christmas day. But they have done so as far as I can remember.

Paul tried his best to entertain us with Shraaz(spell?) All and all it was a very good Christmas event.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Air Race

Isn't it better than F1?

Red Bull Air Race - introductionIntroduction Video Red Bull Air Race - G-Force About G-Force

Abu Dhabi 07 - 3D Course Abu Dhabi 3D course London 07 - Event Summary London 17th July 2007

Porto 07 - Summary
Porto 1st September 2007
English man on the podium. San Diego 22nd September (Qualify 21st September)

Friday, 7 September 2007

The Beast

Last week, our dog walker left a note about a dog related incident in our neighbourhood. He said, the beast from No.4 was trying to kill another dog. "kill" was quite a strong word from such a mellow guy like him. So I immediately sensed that something really bad happened.

We use a dog walker at least three times a week. Our usual walker Mr.R is a husband of the dog walking company. He has his own publishing company but since his office is in our neighbourhood he often come round to take Woody out along his own dog Otto.

The dog walking company has a walk log files. Every walks are recorded and some comments are left for dog owners. So we know the time of walks, who came, if Woody did wee and poop, or water was refreshed and so on. Comments are often something like, "Woody enjoyed running around in the park chasing squirrels with Otto"

Last week, the walk log from Mr. R sounded quite distressed. He said it was very lucky our dogs were in the car at that time. The following day, he was still mentioning about the incident and it seemed he was effected a lot by it.

So, I sent him an email and asked what happened. The reply was a quite horrifying. Apparently the staffordshire terrier type dog in our Close nearly killed another dog. Mr.R and another guy in the neighbourhood helped out pulling the Staff’s jaws apart. His shirt was soaked all down one sleeve in blood.

Woody had been attacked by the dog about nine month ago but it did not lead to such ending. Considering what he could do, I am so proud of myself how I handled the situation at the time.

My husband dropped a note to RSPCA but apparently since the incident does not involve human, they cannot do anything. This is such an disappointment.

I must stressed that the problem is not really the dog, I blame totally the owner. When Woody was attacked, a teenage child from the family forgot to close the door and left the dog wondered in front of the house.

When the family moved to our close a couple of years ago, their children let their dog loose in front of our communal garden and used there as their playground. It was a hot summer day, windows were opened. When Woody and Dixie saw the dog running around, the both went crazy and started to bark. The Staff came right in front of our window and challenged them. Make the matter worse, a girl who own the dog ran to our window and pushed it from outside to shut. It was almost like our fault their dog is barking.

Next door neighbour complained the loose dog. They had a small child and obviously concerned about the situation.

Worrying thing is the dog's family do not seem to realise what the dog can do. I only have seen the dog taken out 100 meters away from the house. Every time the dog barks the owner shouts at him in high pitch voice. For me, they are not in control of the situation and the aggressive behaviour is getting worse and worse.

I also have heard from a dog owner in the close that his dog (Yorkshire terrier) was nearly attacked. Luckily, he managed to pick his dog up in time but the Staff's mouth was differently going for it.

I really don't understand why the dog gets loose so often. The family is creating the beast. Poor dog, he needs to be rescued.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

KAYWA Reader

Kaywa Reader has finally arrived to UK.
I have been seen a square coding on Japanese blogs for years now. I knew it is some kind of barcoding system but imagined it only works with Japanese mobile phones....but I was wrong. Many phones, including my sonyericsson K800i, are able to read the barcode once Kaywa reader (java application) is installed and as long as it is a camera phone. Reading the barcode is not as easy as I expected but it works! No more fiddling with URL typing into mobile phone. Scan the code and straight to the site. Brilliant!
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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Mozilla Add-on

New function from Mozilla Firefox browser add-on. To see how it works, click to watch the video below.
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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mystery of Box Tissue paper

Last week, me and my colleague from Japan visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi to meet our customers. Dubai and Abu Dabi are such a funny place. I have never seen anything like it before. It's so new and Disneyland like feeling to it. July is obviously one of the hottest month in the country. So hot and dry but lots of trees and grass were grown in the center of the town using sprinkler. So many high tall buildings are under constructions. Rich and poor are so divided. Most worker I could see there are from abroad, mainly from India, Pakistan for both blue colour and white colour jobs. I guess rich Arabs do not need to work at all.




















先週、東京オフィスの同僚と一緒にデュバイ・アブダビにいるお客さんを訪れました。ミーティングルームへ通されると直ぐに、ティッシュの箱がポンと机に置かれ、私たちは思わずそれが不思議で顔を見合わせてしました。 なぜボックスティシュー?! そのなぞは、その後オフィスの外に出て商品を見に見学へ行った後分かったのです。 熱々の屋外にしばらく居ると汗がダクダク・・・。 そのティッシュは外から帰ったときにその汗を拭くものだったようです。 暑い国ながらの訪問客への配慮なのでしょうね。










When we visited one of our customer, we were invited to a meeting room at first and offered some cold drinks, at the same time, he brought a box of tissue paper and left on the table, then disappeared. What is this for? Me and my colleague looked at each other and wondered about the meaning of the box tissue. Without solving the mystery, soon we moved to their warehouse and yard to have a look at products we sold them. It was in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day in Dubai. I have never been under such a strong sun in my life. After five minutes or so, the strong sun became almost a torture. I can see why I did not see any living creatures outdoors during the day. All I saw was camels.
After while, we were all getting quite sweaty and could not stay out side any longer, we returned the air conditioned meeting room. Only then, I understood the meaning of the box tissue provided on the table. Mystery solved!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Next Generation

I accidentally find this video clip. It's so cool and love this sort of technology.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Muddy Fields

Glastonbury Weekend! So many young and old have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Although I have never been there myself as the music there is not quite my cup of tea, I have heard so many stories about it from my brother in law, Paul. Of course, he is there right now, and keep updating my moblog it's happening!

June is usually driest month of the year - I don't know about the actual data but that's how I feel - however almost always Glastonbury weekend is very muddy.

Many people get their wellington boots out and ready for a mud fight or two. The weather is the tradition for Glastonbury festival more than anything else. If the fields were not muddy, I am sure many people will be very disappointed.

Apparently beer is 3.5 pounds per pint, which is not too bad based on my other festival experiences. If it was converted to USD or Yen, some people might get their heart rate up but what the hell. England is expensive, and many English people survive and live happily despite the harsh reality in this country. Even though some report revealed English kids are the most unhappy of whole kids in Europe, they will be OK. Look at those people in the muddy filed, they find their little happiness whatever being thrown at them.

Photo taken by Bigwoody

Saturday, 16 June 2007

The earth by the Thames

Every morning, Woody(dog) and I visit south end of Tower Bridge near the Mayer's office. Recently the whole area was renovated, and re-opened as a social spot. There are some chairs to sit down for rest, to read a book outdoors, or simply to enjoy the river view from the south end.
The chairs are put out casually and glued to the ground, so you can't move them. Which makes it little awkward if you want to have a chat with friends. The chairs cannot be re-arrange to sit next to each other or to sit face to face. After all, they might not be there for a socialising purpose.

Many events and displays are being held in the area through out the summer for tourists and the locals like us. The other day, a big earth balloon was being inflated, which was a government advert to promote reducing temperature for washing up.
Woody was not very happy about the balloon because it was taken up his favorite area where he usually sniffs and wees.

毎朝ウディーとタワーブリッジまでお散歩に出ます。タワーブリッジの南岸は特に夏、常に何かのイベントが催されているのですが、先日は大きな地球儀のバルーンが出現していました。 どうやら政府の広告のようです。

The view from the south of Thames is fantastic even in the dull weather like this. Although the weather is usually dull in London, still it's lovely to see the river in the morning as a start of the day.

晴れ日のテムズ川も素敵ですが、曇りの日も趣があります。 ロンドンはどちらかといって曇っている日のほうが多いのですが、そんな日でもテムズ川の景色で朝がスタートするのはとても気持ちが良いです。

The following morning from the earth-balloon, I noticed a film crew was setting up something in the car Park by the Bridge. It was a reasonably large scale of a production team with a dedicated food stall with them. I was looking to see if I could spot a someone famous but it might have been a little too early at the time. All I could see was the crew trying to set up the location for the day. I wonder what was it for...

上の写真をとった翌日は、なにやら駐車場では撮影が行われていました。 結構大規模な撮影隊で、スタッフ用の屋台まで完備していました。 誰か有名な人が居ないか探したのですが、まだ早すぎたのかスタッフしかいない様子でした。

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Download Festival at Castle Donnington

Due to my busy study this year, we are not going to any festivals at all, which is the first time since I came to London. Luckily Download festival was webcasted live over the weekend. So I was watching it all afternoon in the garden which made me feel as if I was at the festival a little. Perfect garden festival weather this weekend.


Download Festival official website

by jozzthe3rd

Storm in Australia

Created by loosecanonfilms

...and some photos from limitlessness

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Fish & Chips

Dinner from our local chip shop.

今日は久しぶりに近所でフィッシュアンドチップスを買って夕食としました。このお店のコロモが美味しいんですよ。今まではフィッシュアンドチップスを買うと衣は避けていたのですが、ここで買うようになってから思いっきり食べてます。 カロリー高いけれど・・・。 太りますね。

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Hair cut

Finally got around to visit a hair dresser today. Seven month since last time. Terrible!


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Morning Walkies

Me and Woody go out for a walk every morning at least 45 min. or so before leaving for work. Our favorite route these days is to get to Tower Bridge and back. We visit 4 parks on the route. Not bad as a start of the day.

毎朝、会社へ行く前にウディーと最低45分くらいはお散歩に出ます。最近のお気に入りはターワーブリッジ近辺まで行って帰ってくるコース。 大小合わせると4つの公園ツアーになります。 お天気が良いと景色も良くて気持ちがいいです。

Monday, 4 June 2007

Free cycle

A small tumble dryer is looking for a new home. A woman called and wanted to collect it. But didn't show up. Happened twice! Some people don't have manners.

フリーサイクルというMLがあって、昨日私たちも早速そこへ登録しました。すると広告を出して、1時間以内にある女性からメールが届き、うちの乾燥機を譲って欲しいと言ってきました。 その人は6~7時ごろ取りに来るといっていたのですが、待てど暮らせど現れません。 不思議に思い、こちらから連絡をすると、明日引き取りたいと言って来ました。 そして今日、約束の時間になってもまた現れません。 結局またフリーサイクルに広告を出すことにしました。 その希望者の女性へはメールでそのように申し伝えると、今夜引き取りに来ると言うのです。 もう遅い! ふざけた人です。約束しても取りに来ないのに、連絡を取ると、直ぐに取りに来るというのです。まったく何を考えているのか、マナーの無い人です。 もしかしたら、頭がちょっとおかしい人だったのかもしれません。 

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Dog Dancing

This is my favorite video.

Woody & Otto

Woody and his mate Otto after bing back from a walk.


Sushi time

The cafe at work started to sell sushi set for just under five. Not too bad.


Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Sushi Again!

We ordered a Sushi delivery from our local Japanese restaurant on my birthday. We are so lucky to have Sushi delivered at home!!


Sunday, 25 March 2007


We had a family gathering around the Borough Market in March. Those are the photos from that day.

昨日はウディーママがロンドンに来ているという事で、義理姉家族、ポールと私達の合計大人6人、子供2人でバラーマーケット付近を訪れました。 土曜日だったので凄い人ごみでしたが、サザーク聖堂の庭で立ち話をした後、パブで軽く食べて帰りました。 結構寒かったのですが、バラーマーケットでコーヒーを購入して温まりました。 

義理姉サリーちゃんの娘ケイティーは、初めての生タコの姿に感激していました。 彼女にとっては生タコの姿よりもロブスターの方が怖いらしいのです。 タコのほうが気味悪い気がするんだけれど・・・・ちょっと不思議。 その後ダチョウの羽をマーケットの叔母さんにもらって、満足して帰って行きました。

やぁ~、それにしても寒いのにあの人混み。 加えて私達もよく外で話していたものだと思いました。 私はかなりしっかり準備して着込んでいたので大丈夫でしたが、子供二人は寒くないのかと心配するくらいだったけれど、動き回っているから丁度いいのかな? やっぱり日本人とはかなり感覚が違う気がします。 「ちょっと寒いね~」と言いながら外で立ち話・・・。 ちょっと暖かいところに行くと、「この中暑すぎるわね」って・・・?! え~っ私には丁度いいんだけれど。 日本人より寒さを感じないのかね。

マーケット好きなウディーママはバラーマーケットが大好きなので、「楽しかった~」と大喜びで帰っていきました。 めでたし、めでたし・・。


Friday, 16 March 2007

Woody & Dixie

My first testing photo from my new mobile phone.

Thursday, 15 March 2007


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