Saturday, 16 June 2007

The earth by the Thames

Every morning, Woody(dog) and I visit south end of Tower Bridge near the Mayer's office. Recently the whole area was renovated, and re-opened as a social spot. There are some chairs to sit down for rest, to read a book outdoors, or simply to enjoy the river view from the south end.
The chairs are put out casually and glued to the ground, so you can't move them. Which makes it little awkward if you want to have a chat with friends. The chairs cannot be re-arrange to sit next to each other or to sit face to face. After all, they might not be there for a socialising purpose.

Many events and displays are being held in the area through out the summer for tourists and the locals like us. The other day, a big earth balloon was being inflated, which was a government advert to promote reducing temperature for washing up.
Woody was not very happy about the balloon because it was taken up his favorite area where he usually sniffs and wees.

毎朝ウディーとタワーブリッジまでお散歩に出ます。タワーブリッジの南岸は特に夏、常に何かのイベントが催されているのですが、先日は大きな地球儀のバルーンが出現していました。 どうやら政府の広告のようです。

The view from the south of Thames is fantastic even in the dull weather like this. Although the weather is usually dull in London, still it's lovely to see the river in the morning as a start of the day.

晴れ日のテムズ川も素敵ですが、曇りの日も趣があります。 ロンドンはどちらかといって曇っている日のほうが多いのですが、そんな日でもテムズ川の景色で朝がスタートするのはとても気持ちが良いです。

The following morning from the earth-balloon, I noticed a film crew was setting up something in the car Park by the Bridge. It was a reasonably large scale of a production team with a dedicated food stall with them. I was looking to see if I could spot a someone famous but it might have been a little too early at the time. All I could see was the crew trying to set up the location for the day. I wonder what was it for...

上の写真をとった翌日は、なにやら駐車場では撮影が行われていました。 結構大規模な撮影隊で、スタッフ用の屋台まで完備していました。 誰か有名な人が居ないか探したのですが、まだ早すぎたのかスタッフしかいない様子でした。

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