Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Muddy Fields

Glastonbury Weekend! So many young and old have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Although I have never been there myself as the music there is not quite my cup of tea, I have heard so many stories about it from my brother in law, Paul. Of course, he is there right now, and keep updating my moblog it's happening!

June is usually driest month of the year - I don't know about the actual data but that's how I feel - however almost always Glastonbury weekend is very muddy.

Many people get their wellington boots out and ready for a mud fight or two. The weather is the tradition for Glastonbury festival more than anything else. If the fields were not muddy, I am sure many people will be very disappointed.

Apparently beer is 3.5 pounds per pint, which is not too bad based on my other festival experiences. If it was converted to USD or Yen, some people might get their heart rate up but what the hell. England is expensive, and many English people survive and live happily despite the harsh reality in this country. Even though some report revealed English kids are the most unhappy of whole kids in Europe, they will be OK. Look at those people in the muddy filed, they find their little happiness whatever being thrown at them.

Photo taken by Bigwoody

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