Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mystery of Box Tissue paper

Last week, me and my colleague from Japan visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi to meet our customers. Dubai and Abu Dabi are such a funny place. I have never seen anything like it before. It's so new and Disneyland like feeling to it. July is obviously one of the hottest month in the country. So hot and dry but lots of trees and grass were grown in the center of the town using sprinkler. So many high tall buildings are under constructions. Rich and poor are so divided. Most worker I could see there are from abroad, mainly from India, Pakistan for both blue colour and white colour jobs. I guess rich Arabs do not need to work at all.




















先週、東京オフィスの同僚と一緒にデュバイ・アブダビにいるお客さんを訪れました。ミーティングルームへ通されると直ぐに、ティッシュの箱がポンと机に置かれ、私たちは思わずそれが不思議で顔を見合わせてしました。 なぜボックスティシュー?! そのなぞは、その後オフィスの外に出て商品を見に見学へ行った後分かったのです。 熱々の屋外にしばらく居ると汗がダクダク・・・。 そのティッシュは外から帰ったときにその汗を拭くものだったようです。 暑い国ながらの訪問客への配慮なのでしょうね。










When we visited one of our customer, we were invited to a meeting room at first and offered some cold drinks, at the same time, he brought a box of tissue paper and left on the table, then disappeared. What is this for? Me and my colleague looked at each other and wondered about the meaning of the box tissue. Without solving the mystery, soon we moved to their warehouse and yard to have a look at products we sold them. It was in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day in Dubai. I have never been under such a strong sun in my life. After five minutes or so, the strong sun became almost a torture. I can see why I did not see any living creatures outdoors during the day. All I saw was camels.
After while, we were all getting quite sweaty and could not stay out side any longer, we returned the air conditioned meeting room. Only then, I understood the meaning of the box tissue provided on the table. Mystery solved!!

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