Friday, 7 September 2007

The Beast

Last week, our dog walker left a note about a dog related incident in our neighbourhood. He said, the beast from No.4 was trying to kill another dog. "kill" was quite a strong word from such a mellow guy like him. So I immediately sensed that something really bad happened.

We use a dog walker at least three times a week. Our usual walker Mr.R is a husband of the dog walking company. He has his own publishing company but since his office is in our neighbourhood he often come round to take Woody out along his own dog Otto.

The dog walking company has a walk log files. Every walks are recorded and some comments are left for dog owners. So we know the time of walks, who came, if Woody did wee and poop, or water was refreshed and so on. Comments are often something like, "Woody enjoyed running around in the park chasing squirrels with Otto"

Last week, the walk log from Mr. R sounded quite distressed. He said it was very lucky our dogs were in the car at that time. The following day, he was still mentioning about the incident and it seemed he was effected a lot by it.

So, I sent him an email and asked what happened. The reply was a quite horrifying. Apparently the staffordshire terrier type dog in our Close nearly killed another dog. Mr.R and another guy in the neighbourhood helped out pulling the Staff’s jaws apart. His shirt was soaked all down one sleeve in blood.

Woody had been attacked by the dog about nine month ago but it did not lead to such ending. Considering what he could do, I am so proud of myself how I handled the situation at the time.

My husband dropped a note to RSPCA but apparently since the incident does not involve human, they cannot do anything. This is such an disappointment.

I must stressed that the problem is not really the dog, I blame totally the owner. When Woody was attacked, a teenage child from the family forgot to close the door and left the dog wondered in front of the house.

When the family moved to our close a couple of years ago, their children let their dog loose in front of our communal garden and used there as their playground. It was a hot summer day, windows were opened. When Woody and Dixie saw the dog running around, the both went crazy and started to bark. The Staff came right in front of our window and challenged them. Make the matter worse, a girl who own the dog ran to our window and pushed it from outside to shut. It was almost like our fault their dog is barking.

Next door neighbour complained the loose dog. They had a small child and obviously concerned about the situation.

Worrying thing is the dog's family do not seem to realise what the dog can do. I only have seen the dog taken out 100 meters away from the house. Every time the dog barks the owner shouts at him in high pitch voice. For me, they are not in control of the situation and the aggressive behaviour is getting worse and worse.

I also have heard from a dog owner in the close that his dog (Yorkshire terrier) was nearly attacked. Luckily, he managed to pick his dog up in time but the Staff's mouth was differently going for it.

I really don't understand why the dog gets loose so often. The family is creating the beast. Poor dog, he needs to be rescued.

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