Saturday, 29 December 2007

End of 2007

Pat, my mother in law, was the first person to congratulate me about my graduation besides my husband Woody. She flew from Portugal and was staying over night with us that day to see her children before Christmas.

What a year! I must say. 2007 was absolutely busy year for me. Department closure at work was announced in January, just before my snowboarding holiday in France. After returning from the holiday, I had to run around finding my new job as well as handing over my work to my colleagues in Germany.

In April, the same week I started my new job, this Japanese teaching course which I enrolled back in October started. New job and weekend's not a very good mixture.

One week before Christmas, I finally graduated from this Japanese course. It was eight months since I started, such a relief. My other class mate said that day "I am so excited and happy about this graduation much more than university"

I totally agree. I have never studied so hard in my life. No spare time at all. Thankfully Woody helped me a lot with weekend house work and school runs, without the help, I could not get this far.

My class mate was a very unique person, I could easily believe if somebody said she has mental disability. She gave me an unnecessary headache for the last three months but I took it as it was part of my task to get over.

Christmas eve, after my first free weekend in eight months, my in law brother family arrived to celebrate Christmas.

Mimi brought 20 odds limes all the way from home to make us Margarita. It was very nice fresh limes Margarita and gave us all such a boogie feeling on Christmas Eve. Jug of Margarita, no wonder we were happy chappy.

Although I am not sure it was to do with magical meat balls Mimi made or fresh limes from Margarita, I did not feel so bad the following day. Maybe I should have meat balls and limes more often when I drink alcohol.

Unfortunately the weather was not so great but we tried to keep our tradition of taking our dogs out in the woods before Christmas dinner. Obviously dogs did not care about the weather.

"Let's open presents!!"
Despite that Mimi's determination of opening presents on Christmas eve, though I am not sure that is because she is Catholic, we all managed to resist under the influence and we opened on Christmas morning after returning from Woods walk.
Woody the dog seemed to love opening presents...funny dog. He loves Christmas morning.

Dan made a good effort for his Christmas dinner too. Good chunk of roast veges and stuffed roasted peppers.

I call Mark and Paloma are like angels in the Christmas story. They only seem to appear on Christmas day. But they have done so as far as I can remember.

Paul tried his best to entertain us with Shraaz(spell?) All and all it was a very good Christmas event.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!