Thursday, 3 January 2008

Holiday is over

I woke up feeling a little chilly today. Apparently, according to the weather forecast, it is going to snow in London.

Today is my last day of my Christmas/New Year holiday. I am excited and nervous at the same time about busy days ahead this year. Big contract awarded last year and launching a new office will keep me extremely busy at work for sure. Can I continue teaching Japanese?

2007 has been a transition year, very busy but fulfilling one too though I did not have any time for myself. This year at least I would like to have weekends off.

This Christmas break was much needed one for both me and Woody for a long time. Good thing was we were both off, not just one of us, which made a huge difference for me psychologically. Usually Woody has off only bank holidays during Christmas & New Year period, which means that even if I was off for a certain period I couldn't totally relax and being lazy.

However this year, all we did was taking the dog out to the Woods in the morning and chilling out the rest of the day, watching DVD etc. It was very nice and exactly what we needed. We both worked so hard in 2007, deserve it

We went shopping one day to the town, though it was more like dragged ourselves to get out of the house.

Working five days and go off to Hokkaido for a week. Not too bad as a start of 2008 despite my little fear afterwards. I am pretty sure it will work out just fine!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008