Sunday, 30 March 2008

Kent Air Crash

Air plane crashed to a house in Kent. Luckily no one was in the house at the time.

BBC clip

More image from BBC


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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Our local dog lovers

"Sorry would've been nice"

When my husband was walking away, the pug owner said it out laud. Just enough to be able to hear it but far away enough from him.

Apparently, the pug was off leash & running up to our dog Woody and gave him a look. Our dog on the other hand performed a usual drama and gave the pug a fight back.

Woody was on the lead, the pug was off. Please somebody tell me whose fault it could be if there was a dog incident there.

The pug owner was only shouting from far away.

"Come over here!!"

It seems that some owners with little dogs think their dogs will not be blamed for whatever they do to bigger dogs. It's not fair.

I know our dog has some issues but that is why he is on the lead in the streets and mostly in the park unless we find suitable environment for him. Being responsible for what he does.

On other occasion, there was a staffy dog waiting his owner out side our local shop, off-lead. Off lead is OK as long as the dog is under control. however when the dog saw our Woody, he tried to make a move. The owner quickly realised and came out from the shop to make his dog sit. Very good so far. But then amazing thing had happened. The owner went back into the shop.

Obviously soon after the owner went inside the shop, the dog was charging across the street(what if a car drove passed!) and tried to gave Woody an attack. Luckily, my husband had managed to block the dog with his leg and made him off course.

The owner was running crossed the street and drag his dog away.....then,

"Suppose it's my fault, is it!?"

as he was walking away, again, laud enough to hear it but far enough from my husband.

No apology, no lead & not taking responsibility.....

I heard, in Philippine, you will need a licence to be a dog owner. Financial check and living environment are checked up. For bigger dogs, owners to be is mandatory to take dog training classes as well. It sounds like a very good idea to me.

Lucky dogs on a long distance hike

I found this vide diary of team doggiebag through YouTube. One man and his dog on a log trail hike for over 7 months. Here is a clip from the video diary.  You can see more on the trail journal here


Friday, 28 March 2008

Monday, 24 March 2008

Can you trust your life on your dog?


The answer is no for my dog but there are many clever dogs out there...


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While Humans are away....

There seems to be few good alternatives now a day in stead of kennel.  Dog camp idea is brilliant, your dog might not want to come back home!



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Saturday, 22 March 2008

A Happy Dog in Backcountry


My favourite video clip from google video. Backcountry snowboarding in Mt Shasta CA, USA with a dog.


Headcam in action

map from USGS website 


Photo from blooming rose press

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Friday, 21 March 2008

Dog Whisperer

Taiming the wild

Finding forcus

Power of the pack

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Snowboarding Dog...So cute


Dog is not actually snowboarding, but following.



Here is famous skateboarding bull dog doing snowboarding and skim boarding.


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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Disappearing Act

As we were just about to proud of ourselves that we had managed to keep Dixie in control during our weekend Woods walk, she disappeared. It was all too good to be true, even towards the end of the walk, Dixie followed us to Oxley Woods Cafe and had a little socialisation with other dogs. We should have hooked her to the lead then. When we moved to the other side where doggy water bowl is, she smelled something and disappeared to the other side of the woods.

We optimistically called her at first, expecting her to appear and come back, but she didn't......for a long time.

It was raining, and everybody felt it was time to go home, except our lady Dixie.

Me and Woody dog were waiting inside the car as soon as I realised that Dixie could be deep into the woods. Woody, on the other hand, stood in the rain and kept calling her. We did not even hear her usual howling sound. Dixie could be anywhere.

Once, we thought we saw her far away in the field, but it was somebody else's dog. 40 minutes had passed with no sign of Dixie, suddenly, Woody heard Dixie howling. She was chasing something. Woody even saw her charging across a small path, so quickly run towards it but lost her again.

Another 5 or 10 minutes later , I thought it's time to get out of the car and look for Dixie. So I attached Woody dog on the lead, locked the car and walked a couple of steps.

Seriously, literally a couple of steps, and there she was, behind a parked car. I quickly hooked the other end of Woody dog's lead to Dixie -thanks to the double ended lead. Dixie looked absolutely exhausted - no surprise. I shouted Woody to let him know I found Dixie.

When we got back home, Dixie was too excited to settle for a long time. Playful and kept circling on her bed. I had seen her like that before when I visited Arundale cottage.

Anyway, it was unexpectedly long woods walk this morning but both dogs did not need second walks today, not even bothered about dinner either. Bless....

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Saturday, 15 March 2008


OK, at the end, I had to buy a new Laptop PC. My previous one had kept crashing for last 6 month, and god knows how many times we had to use recovery CD-ROM. Even struggled to re-format it. Although I normally love to purchase a small stylish one, this time, I compromised to cheap and solid option.

My new Acer is absolutely gigantic. Far away from what I normally go for. It's desk top replacement laptop and even ten key pad is included. Obviously Vista operating system, which I kind of wanted avoid, but had no choice.


Vista has a fancy graphic effect, but with my minimum 1 GB RAM memory, I cannot appreciate it fully. Some operations like opening/closing software are annoyingly snow. Hopefully,that gets solved once 4 GB RAM is inserted.

My new Acer is so big and solid, I feel like it last for years, and overall it was a good purchase!

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