Sunday, 16 March 2008

Disappearing Act

As we were just about to proud of ourselves that we had managed to keep Dixie in control during our weekend Woods walk, she disappeared. It was all too good to be true, even towards the end of the walk, Dixie followed us to Oxley Woods Cafe and had a little socialisation with other dogs. We should have hooked her to the lead then. When we moved to the other side where doggy water bowl is, she smelled something and disappeared to the other side of the woods.

We optimistically called her at first, expecting her to appear and come back, but she didn't......for a long time.

It was raining, and everybody felt it was time to go home, except our lady Dixie.

Me and Woody dog were waiting inside the car as soon as I realised that Dixie could be deep into the woods. Woody, on the other hand, stood in the rain and kept calling her. We did not even hear her usual howling sound. Dixie could be anywhere.

Once, we thought we saw her far away in the field, but it was somebody else's dog. 40 minutes had passed with no sign of Dixie, suddenly, Woody heard Dixie howling. She was chasing something. Woody even saw her charging across a small path, so quickly run towards it but lost her again.

Another 5 or 10 minutes later , I thought it's time to get out of the car and look for Dixie. So I attached Woody dog on the lead, locked the car and walked a couple of steps.

Seriously, literally a couple of steps, and there she was, behind a parked car. I quickly hooked the other end of Woody dog's lead to Dixie -thanks to the double ended lead. Dixie looked absolutely exhausted - no surprise. I shouted Woody to let him know I found Dixie.

When we got back home, Dixie was too excited to settle for a long time. Playful and kept circling on her bed. I had seen her like that before when I visited Arundale cottage.

Anyway, it was unexpectedly long woods walk this morning but both dogs did not need second walks today, not even bothered about dinner either. Bless....

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