Saturday, 15 March 2008


OK, at the end, I had to buy a new Laptop PC. My previous one had kept crashing for last 6 month, and god knows how many times we had to use recovery CD-ROM. Even struggled to re-format it. Although I normally love to purchase a small stylish one, this time, I compromised to cheap and solid option.

My new Acer is absolutely gigantic. Far away from what I normally go for. It's desk top replacement laptop and even ten key pad is included. Obviously Vista operating system, which I kind of wanted avoid, but had no choice.


Vista has a fancy graphic effect, but with my minimum 1 GB RAM memory, I cannot appreciate it fully. Some operations like opening/closing software are annoyingly snow. Hopefully,that gets solved once 4 GB RAM is inserted.

My new Acer is so big and solid, I feel like it last for years, and overall it was a good purchase!

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