Saturday, 28 June 2008

Hot Summer Day

Ice Cream !

First thing it came to my mind when I stepped outside home this afternoon.  We were heading off to Tower Bridge, walking along the river, passing many people sitting outside seats of pubs and cafes, having lunch. June is usual the best time during the Summer in London, unlike in Japan, constant rain through out the month.

So many people were out & about there by the Mayors building. There was a tourist behind me asking if the shop takes Euros.... No lady,no, this is UK. We are refusing to take Euros, why do we have to take yours?? As she sounded like American, perhaps she did not want to waste her Euros before getting back home.

Luckily for me, since I had the pound in my purse, I managed to get my Magnum Ice cream... though it was 1.80 (ouch!), made me happy.

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