Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vintage port


I was invited for a lunch by one of our supplier on Friday along with my colleagues.

Unlike most companies, their lunch invitation is always strictly to girls. They are working class men working for a small freight forwarding company, who did well and made themselves very rich. They don't pretend being a posh, they are proud of their up bringing and proud of having a good life.

Venue was an Italian restaurant in the city of London. We sat at a round table, started a conversation.  I soon noticed that they are all wearing a bling! and behaving like they own the restaurant.  (apparently they use the restaurant very often because it is so close to their office)

The lunch reminded me a scene of "the Sopranos". So, if they were the Soprano gang, are we girls from "Bada-Bing" ??  They are very nice people but it was almost like a comic.

One of my colleague from Portugal told them she only drinks Vintage Port.  Here, it was a challenge for Tony Soprano, he quickly called a restaurant manager and requested a bottle of vintage port.  When my colleague said "it's nice" ...Tony looked so happy and proud of himself.

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