Sunday, 10 August 2008

Scotland here we come


Woody and I fell in love with Scotland about 5 years ago. Since then, we are visiting “almost” every summer, trying to explore different part of Scotland. The reason we love there so much is the scenery. It's different from England. There are mountains although compare to Japanese mountains they are like hills but yet, they are called mountains, officially.

This year, we booked the same cottage as last year; where it is located in the centre of Spey side distilleries. Despite we are not whiskey drinkers, we do not mind being surrounded by finest whiskeys in the world.

Our cottage is located near Aberlour, where famous Walker’s shortbread biscuits are made. It’s a very small village. You would not believe that the world famous biscuit factory and the head office are located such a rural country side like this. Aberlour whisky distillery is just around the corner from the biscuit factory as well.

As this is second time for us to stay at this cottage, Woody dog settled in very quickly. He did not even mind sleeping separate room from us, which is very unusual for him.

Tomorrow, we will climb Ben Rinnes again. Second try!! Last year, we climbed up and thought it was the summit, but at the end, we found that the summit was further away. This year, hopefully the weather is better and clear view from the mountain. We would definitely conquer the summit as well !!

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