Saturday, 20 September 2008

Totally Kaviar


Fishy spreads from Scandinavia called Kaviar is always comes in a tube. I think it's smoked cod roe mixed with something like mayonnaise, though I have never figured out what exactly is because ingredients are all written in Norwegian or Swedish. Whatever that is, it is an extremely familiar flavour for Japanese.  Salty, fishy smoky, and it goes very well with a toast.  Japanese loves salted code roe called "Tarako" which we mainly eat with rice but also used in a variety of cooking.

Few weeks ago, on my way back from Stavanger in Norway, I managed to purchase 3 tubes of Kaviar which I have been enjoying so much on a toast or as a sandwich spread.

I don't know why it does not widely available in UK despite Brits are a nation of fish lovers.  I have only seen it once in a Swedish food shop attached to Ikea in Croydon, and it looks like a Swedish shop in London called Totally Swedish sells this as well. 

Unfortunately I can't ask my colleagues in Oslo to bring it over since the tube is more than 100 ml which exceeds the onboard limit. I was stopped at an airport security in Stavanger and was asked to check my luggage in. :(

Oh my favourite Kaviar, when can I see you next !?

Click the picture below to watch an advert of Kavia


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