Saturday, 11 October 2008

Average over 40

Killing Joke still have massive followers all over the world since 80's.  Fans grew up together with the band, and now they are middle aged.

Beer guts and bold. Yes most of them are. I saw a couple of young lads who looked like teenagers but they were with their mums and dads.  Isn't there a young Killing Joke fan?

I am sure more people can be fit in the venue if they were all skinny kids!

Owner of Malicious Damage record, which is a debut label of Killing Joke, was there too with his wife and his daughter.  It is nice to see a rock gig could be a family night out for some.

The band, on the other hand, was looking good for their age too. I was impressed the front man Jazz Coleman, who lost 2 stones recently, were very active on the stage though I always think his dancing routine is a bit boring... or unique?!

It was my first time to see the original base player. He looked very happy being with the band and very active on the stage.  But for some reason I felt he was too excited. Almost as if he was a Killing Joke fan who was picked to play with the band recently.   Anyway, it doesn't matter.

All in all it was a reasonably good night out despite I am not a Joker fan.

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