Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day

Picture 349London had a tremendous amount of snow fall on Sunday night and all day Monday, which halted the city almost completely.  Apparently it is the first time in 18 years. Certainly I have not seen anything like it here.

Many people struggled to get to work or gave up straight away as soon as they found out the snow is actually stopping opening the front door.

Unfortunately for me, my work is in a walking distance. I did not have any excuse not to get to work.  I had proper snow shoes I purchased a couple of years ago in France during my snowboarding holiday, also I had a proper snow jacket that I was wearing in Niseko a couple of weeks ago where it snows almost constantly whole winter.

Despite of my unfortunate circumstance, I was determined to make most of it.  I dusted my SLR camera and headed out to work. 

Picture 288If I walked the closest path, probably it only took 40 minutes, but instead I diverted to a river side path, walking through parks and made few stops to take photos.  Although I would be late for work, I did not see a point of going to the office on time whilst I was most likely the only one anyway. 

My colleague called me during my snow photo session to say she would be late as all her trains are packed and could not get on. I was very shocked to hear she was actually attempting to get to work.  It seemed she did not watch any news before setting off, on top of that, she was wearing high heels…..

I told her not bother going to the office, as BBC weather forecast predicted (unusually I believed it) it would get worse in the afternoon.

I certainly enjoyed myself exploring and watching people having fun with snow, especially, when I received a call from my boss that the office is closed!

Picture 358I am sure everybody, apart from few people who had to work extremely hard to clear all snow from roads and lay down salty grit, enjoyed the day. Hats off for the work though.  It was impressively efficient to put grit down near our home. When we took our dog out 6 o’clock on Monday morning, it was already there!!

I must admit it was a little annoying that BBC news readers were repeatedly questioning government/local authorities whether the preparation for the snow falls was enough! I know it is their job to ask those questions but the tone was a little too critical. Probably it is cheaper to halt the whole city one day than investing many equipments which they may never be used for next two decades. 

Anyway, “right snow, wrong quantity” so Boris says…  I wish he wasn’t Mayer of London.

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