Saturday, 11 July 2009

Puppy vs Cat

This is such a cute video.  Amazing the mummy dog looks like protecting the cat from the puppies by walking between them. Well done!


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Corner Dog

They’ve gone! finally.  There was a family moved to our street about 3 years ago.  The family had a massive male staffy which was not a friendly one.  I remember the first encounter with the dog was when we were looking after Dixie for the first time.  Children of the family released the dog in our front communal yard and had a bit of a barking session between our dogs and the staffy.

Since then, every time we walked pass the house, Woody was ready for it. 

Sad thing was I had never seen the dog walked more than 50 meters away from his house.  No wonder the dog was wound up.

Anyway, the dog has gone, the whole family has gone. Our street is back to piece and quiet (apart from Woody’s occasional bark)

I saw a trashed sofa left out side the house. The dog must have been chewing it. Poor dog, he does not know any better.