Monday, 12 October 2009

Our Last Night in London

I cannot believe this is our last night in London. It's been mental, so busy with lots of forms & official documents. Woody dog's import and export documents are exceptionally stressful today as we cannot get it wrong. Hopefully we receive an email from Japanese immigration tomorrow morning to confirm all the documents are in order for import. If not, I have no idea how we are going to get around it. According to our vet Dr Andrew, Japanese requirement standard is the 3rd demanding and complex one, next to Australia and New Zealand. Thankfully, our export agent Pet Air UK had an experienced veterinary nurse who knows very well about Japanese import paper works. So, I am pretty confident it's all OK.

Tomorrow, we are going to ship the final box to Japan by Royal Mail. Thanks to tight luggage weight limitation of Japan Airline, we have to ship out boxes more than we originally hoped.

Anyway, thanks for Paul, Mimi Josh & Dixie dog for the wonderful leaving party organised for us We all had a fantastic time. Also, thanks to Fiona & Dan to come down all the way from London for the party, thanks to Mark,Claire, Tom & Dexter to join the party, it was very nice meeting you all again. I am leaving my Minolta SLR camera body and lends at Dan's for Paul to pick them up for you.

Of course, my in-law family, Sally, Cliff, Pat, Katie and Franky, I had a lovely time with you all. Please come and visit us soon. I know Katie's plan is to visit us on 22nd Jan, though I am not sure which years she is planning to do....

It seems to be everything is coming to the end over here in UK but will soon start forms and bureaucracy nightmare at Japanese side!!. I really hope we can settle down by end of this year.

I will keep you posted!

One thing to report....
On the way back from Brighton we got involved in an car accident. It was soon after getting off from Motor Way (South of Croydon). A car crashed into our back of MINI while we were in a traffic jam. Our car was stationed, but the driver behind us was truly not paying attention in front of her, as she was busy talking on the phone (though it was a speaker phone) As a result of this accident, our Mini won't get paid fully until the car is fixed up and her insurance company pays off to our garage. Only lucky thing was no one was hurt despite I was at the back seat with Woody dog and we were at the most risk. Although my head hit the roof of the car a little, I was OK.
Annoying thing was though, when she was leaving the accident site,
she said "sorry I have to go now, I am little behind the schedule of meeting with my brother for lunch"
What an air head woman, I could not believe my ears.
Also, later on when we left, she was fiddling her mobile phone while she was driving trying to take some photos of our car from behind...she doesn't learn does she?!