Thursday, 5 November 2009

Me the Japanese Foreigner

After being away for 13 years from my home country, many things become totally alien to me.   Shopping could be a little challenge as I don’t recognise many brands.  Also, although I can speak Japanese, noticed that some words I use seem to be a little different from what locals could recognise.

For example, last week I asked if I needed to set up “account” prior to internet connection. The word “account” I thought is one of  many foreign words adopted to Japanese language. However this lady in the cafe did not understand what I was talking about.  When I changed the word to “kohza” which is the same meaning but in Japanese, then she understood.

Meanwhile, many systems in Japan feels very complicated to me.  More over, when an advert says “500 yen only”, often it is not the case.  Usually there are many conditions attached to it and ending up 10 times more.    Additional set up charge seems to be a quite common extra cost in Japan for whatever you do.

When I purchased mobile contract, basic monthly charge 980 yen became almost 5000 yen at the end for the first month.  Although our mobiles are free with the contract, usually you will have to purchase mobiles separately as well.   Having mobile could be a very expensive business over here, but everybody has one.

On the other hand, foods are fantastic.  I just sent off Woody to our local superstore.  He will love to look around there. Fish are so fresh, even ready made meals  are fantastic quality too.

I can easily put on weight…..

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