Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mr Entrepreneur

I have been teaching English to a Japanese businessman since the beginning of November.  It’s an evening weekly private lesson, using combination of English and Japanese.

Originally, the student Mr S was taught by one British teacher all in English. But as the teacher had struggled to explain some of the student’s questions, Mr S requested the school to hire a Japanese teacher to back up the lessons.

So, here I am. Many of you may think “How could Mariko teach English?!” Well, don’t worry I am teaching only a beginner, in addition, I prepare a teaching plan & being checked by Woody, so I don’t teach utter wrong thing.

Anyway, Japanese may not be a good English speaker but often have a good grammar knowledge since they learn English in Junior High (13-15 years old) and in High school (16-18 years old). 

On the other hand, despite Mr S had the same opportunity at school, he said he did not pay any attention at all,  Well, here he is, in his 30’s, suddenly he decided to learn English to pursue his dream - that is to live in Hawaii.

Although Mr S is a keen learner, it seems he was forced to run before he could walk…or more likely before he could even put on his shoes.

When I was teaching present perfect and passive forms the other day, I discovered that he did not know the word “him”, & he thought “S” of “he walks” is plural “S”. Doh!

OK, I need to go back to the very beginning. Next week, I will start with lesson one, “I have a pen”.

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