Sunday, 22 November 2009

Night Out

Last night, we went to a party at a language school in Sapporo.  Although the original purpose was to have a job interview for Woody, we ended up meeting many interesting people there.

Unfortunately the job interview was unsuccessful as we found out they want somebody who can speak Japanese, which we are not very happy about.

Anyway, the school organises a cultural exchange party in the evening few times per month. Anybody including non-student of the language shcool can take a part by paying entry fee of 2000 yen (approx £15). Then, the school provides food & booze all night long.

Many of attendees seem to be their students or ex-students, old friends of the school owner and teachers. Age group was from late 20’s to 60’s, so we fitted in comfortably.

Here are some attendees from the party;

A scientist, who researches bacteria lives in salt, a healthy living expert, who has just published his own book called “Mind and Body”, he has an experience of 54 days fasting, lived only on water, fruit and vegetable juice, an ex-marathon runner who are now Shiatsu therapist, a housewife who has studied English for last three years and her son lives in Vietnam with his Vietnamese wife, an outdoor expert who just loves to meet people from all over the world.

Few foreigners were there too. Two Americans, one Iranian, one Bangladeshi, one Australian….and one British (that’s Woody).

An American brought some home mad beer and mead.  Few other people brought some food of their own country, too.  Maybe we should bring some fish and chips in the newspaper next time!

Woody the dog meanwhile stayed behind at home and just about managed to be on his own for just over four hours. Although according to our webcam recording, he was whinging all night. At least he was not barking.

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