Thursday, 19 November 2009

No job yet

It’s been a month since we moved to Sapporo.  Spouse visa was successfully issued this week, foreign registration card has been updated, NHS card has been issued, enrolled to Japanese Pension scheme.  Now Woody is a fully qualified (?!) resident foreigner in Japan. 

Another good news is ….Woody received the very first job offer as an English teacher, hooray! It’s only one-off afternoon contract but it’s a start.  He will get paid better rate than mine & travel expense is covered as well. Not a bad deal.

Woody dog is happy to be in his double donut or loves to be in front of the fire (gas heater) and the hotcarpet underneath. He certainly knows the best spot in the flat.

Proper winter is about to arrive here in Sapporo.  We had some snow yesterday, on and off, and expecting more over the next few days.

Our local slopes are getting ready to open for the season. We can get to Teine Mountain less than £20 including four hour lift pass & return travel cost. I am sure a dry-slope in London costs more than that per hour!!

Despite all the good news, job hunting here is not so easy. Although cost of living is a lot cheaper than Tokyo’s, job availabilities are far fewer as well.  On top, I’ve heard many people are returning to Sapporo since they lost their jobs in Tokyo. So, there is more competition now than ever.  My age does not seem to help me either. 35 years old appears to be a cut off age for an employable worker.  Oh well, I am sure something will come up. My job agency is hopefully working very hard finding a suitable job for me.

At least, we will make the most of our free time while we can.

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