Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Vegemite vs Marmite

This morning, I visited nearby shopping complex to sort out some business – paying bills, banking etc.  While I was there, I also did a quick visit to an import grocery shop to see if Marmite is available.

vegemiteTo my regret, Vegemite was dominating the shelf and no sign of Marmite – damn!!   Despite of my disappointment, I decided to purchase Vegemite as a substitute since I have never tried one.

As checking out, I asked if there is a plan of stocking Marmite.

“What is Marmite?” The shop keeper replied.

Okay – she knows Vegemite but she hasn’t heard of Marmite - Never mind. I explained it is like Vegemite but from England and has stronger flavour.

“If there is enough demand we may stock up” she added

I wonder if I keep asking every time I visit, they see it as there are some demands?

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