Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Motor

Our car will be ready tomorrow morning for a collection!! After disastrous paperwork error done by our estate agency, we nearly had to wait for few more days.
“It will be ready by tomorrow morning” says the Mr car salesman.

Luckily he made an effort and minimised the delay – phew!

It’s a funny business getting a car over here in Japan. Initially I was imagining like enable us to drive off as soon as we pay for it but I was totally wrong. Sine I took my driving license in UK and have never purchased a car in Japan; I did not know anything about the car purchasing process in this country.

Over here, proof of parking approved by the local police is required for a car dealer to release the car. It makes sense as the space in Japan is so limited, AND this prevents many illegal parking.

Usually a car dealer will arrange it for you based on providing necessary documents to them. It should be quite straight forward process but somehow got complicated in our case.

Since we wanted Woody(not the dog!) as a main driver, we tried to submit all documents under his name. However, how to write "Woodason" was a tricky part. One document was written in English alphabet and the others were in Japanese alphabet. Our local police did not like that as it will be no tractability between the documents!!

When we tried to fix the alphabet problem and we re-requested our estate agency to issue another parking certificate in English alphabet, they made a mistake on our address, Doh

Fix one thing and another thing goes wrong!!

Anyway, while we were feeling a big disappointment that car collection had to be postponed to Friday, we received another call from the car dealer - saying they managed to fix the problem. Great!!

Hopefully no more issues no more delays. Touch wood!

Quick Note: It's Masaki's 2 months old birthday today.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Yubari Melon

Here is THE famous Yubari melon. It reminds me of my childhood summer time.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Middle of July already

Since I got back from the clinic, I have been very busy doing the same thing over and over and over again 24/7 to look after our new born Masaki. At first, I was thinking whether I was doing correctly, the baby is getting enough milk he needs and so on. Then, I started thinking when this would ever end? Now, I am on the second month, things are getting easier and my sleep during the night started to get slightly longer, phew!! and most of all, Masaki is growing rapidly so I must be doing OK.

It is not all downside for getting up frequently throughout the night though. I managed to watch World Cup & Wimbledon tennis live! and was very surprised that Japanese team played a lot better than I originally anticipated. England, on the other hand, was very disappointing result. Luckily I did not stay awake for the games.

As for Woody dog, he has been very good, welcoming the new addition. Yesterday, for the first time all of us including Masaki went out for a walk as the weather was good (a lot cooler than last few weeks). I think Woody enjoyed it very much.