Thursday, 12 August 2010

At The Shop

“Can this fit to my car window?”

The man asked a shopkeeper at the till. He wanted to purchase a shade to fit his car window but was not sure it is the right product for his car.

“The best way is to measure your car window, here” the shopkeeper offered him a tape measure.

“Ok, will do that” replied the man, and took the tape measure and the product with him, and off he went to the car park.

I was there to purchase a Sat Nav at the time, and amazed about the whole thing. Interesting thing was the shopkeeper did not seem to concern at all that the man could walk away with the product unpaid.

Did I live in UK too long to think that?

Despite of my concern, the man was measuring his car window as suggested. Then, after a while, he came back to the shop. I could not help but keep my eye on him while he was out in the car park.

While the man was still not sure about whether it actually fits to his car window, he, at the end, returned to the shop. Both the shopkeeper and the man did not seem to cross their mind at all that there was a shoplifting opportunity or possibility at that time.

Since I came back to Japan, I have noticed most people leave video cameras and expensive SatNav systems very visibly in a car - though some of SatNavs are built-in so can't be removed. This is unbelievable in a very good way.

Trusts to other people still exist in this country and I hope it remains that way.

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