Monday, 23 August 2010

Holiday is over

It’s almost been three months since Masaki was born. And summer is nearly coming to the end. As you can imagine, last three months has been a very busy and challenging period for me. As a 10 hour sleeper person, waking up few imes in the night was especially challenging. Thankfully, it reduced to once or sometimes twice now.

Having three weeks summer holiday from end July, Woody experienced full time new daddy life, which provided a fantastic opportunity for him to bond with his new born son, moreover, to understand what was going on while he was at work.

We tried to get Masaki into his routine during this period; decided that 7 o'clock is a good time for his bed time whether he likes it or not. Fortunately giving him a bath around 6 o'clock triggers the signal of bed time, therefore getting him to sleep is usually not too bad.
Spending full three weeks with Masaki, Woody now appreciates why I was not happy when he came back home at night and tried to wake Masaki up before. Obviously he doesn't do it any more.

This summer, we are experiencing very hot and unexpectedly humid weather in Sapporo, so that Masaki is having a bath twice or sometimes three times to cool him down and to avoid sweat rash. This works very well as he often goes to sleep afterwards, and what’s more, he hardly have sweat rash despite the heat wave.
DSC00256 At the end of July, we finally purchased a long wanted car. It's Subaru Forester, 11 years old S/20 Limited with cold region spec. & a sun roof. In spite of its age, the car has low mileage, and most of all, the price was exceptionally good (approx £1500). Initially I had a concern about fuel consumption however considering a luggage space and driving condition in the winter, now I feel we made a right decision. We love the fact it has an air conditioner as well. In the past, cars in Hokkaido are famous for not air conditioned inside. It was unnecessary back then. Increasing in average temperature every year, cars with an air
conditioner appears to be very common these days. At least we are very pleased with it.

Sapporo has many good size parks and rivers throughout the city. Our favourite river so far is Toyohira river which has a long cycling path, a water park, tennis courts baseball courts, fishing spots and so on. Only down side is "No fire" policy, so no BBQ there, boo.

Recently we visited Makomanai Park where winter Olympics was held in 1972, the year I was born!! It is one of the biggest park in Sapporo, including 3 km of jogging route, some nature reserve areas, a few view spots for returning salmons to the river in autumn and many more.

Bernard Square the dog cafe restaurant/dog-run is another fantastic discovery for this summer. As the cafe owner runs internet business from upstairs of the cafe as their main income, the cafe itself is almost as their hobby. Being a lover of Saint Bernard, he carefully planned the layout to be able to accommodate large dogs, whilst fantastic socialising spot for both dogs and dog lovers. Woody loves the place too, hanging out with other doggies - many of them are large ones - is a cool thing to do in the city of Sapporo, so he says.

As Masaki being so small this summer, we could not travel outside the city this year. Next summer, we are hoping to go for a longer distance and finding out more about Hokkaido.

Our summer holiday is over yet the highest temperature is hovering around 27/28 degrees during the day and quite humid in the evening. I can't imagine right how it was like four months ago when Shane visited us at the end of April. I was still wearing a full winter jacket then.

Nevertheless, pears and grapes start appearing in our local supermarket now. It's a sign of autumn. I am sure temperature will drop before too long and soon will be the snow world again.

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