Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Japanese Gadgets

It is Holiday season in Japan. Temperature has been soared especially in mainland Japan. And even in Hokkaido we had experienced unexpected humidity and heat wave. Thankfully our car has an air conditioning.

Since the car has been picked up, we drove around Sapporo in order to accomplish our accumulated tasks which require a car. Our top priority on the day we picked up the car was to take Woody the dog to the local dog-run where we have visited a couple of times in the past when we hired a car. So, we thought we knew the way…but we didn’t. As a result, we got lost, pretty badly.

Every time we hired a car, Satellite Navigation system was used. It is very common; almost all cars in Japan have Sat Nav on board, even in a mighty Rover Mini!!
This is quite understandable as Japanese roads are not as systematic as western roads - not all streets &roads have names and street numbers may not be in order.
I always thought of myself that I was pretty bad with directions. Then, after I moved to London, I changed my mind. It wasn’t me; it’s the roads & transportation system in Japan!!

We started investigating about SatNav, imagining there are many good quality but cheap ones available in this country. Although I was right about many high quality ones are available, wrong about being cheap.
The price starts from £150 and easily goes over £700. It seems to have the different culture towards gadgets here. As all Japanese loves having fancy gadgets and don’t want having cheapy old fashioned ones, everything is reasonably high standard and also pretty expensive.
Considering that Japan has been in a deep recession for a long time, spending power on gadgets is not weakening. It’s Interesting. I think Japanese loves show-offs and some people could be quite snobby, too.

Well, despite we would love a SatNav in our car, to buy or not to buy that is the question.

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