Monday, 16 August 2010


So, Woody had a fight….well, “Woody was attacked” might be a more accurate description.

A couple of days ago, we visited the local dog-run where it takes about 15 minutes from our flat by car.

Arriving slightly early in the morning, only few dogs were there at the time. Two Black Labradors were among those and were playing ball games and tumbling each other. My initial impression of them was they were active and love rough games.

That day, Woody - as usual - tried to get an attention from one of the Black Lab. They were running around together chasing the ball at first, and looked as though they were enjoying each other's company. However, once Woody mounted one of them from behind, the situation suddenly changed. The Lab started to attack Woody and did not stop. Yes, dogs usually tell off each other's unwanted behaviours but normally chase them off and stop - no harm done. They might use teeth as a warning but they don't bite unless they feel being attacked and need to protect themselves.

Woody tried his best to run away from the dog but the Lab was so persistent and looked as if he was going to kill Woody. Such an unexpected behaviour from Labrador. I was stunned and could not move. Woody (human) throw a ball at the Lab to detract but no effect. In the end, the Lab's owner grabbed her dog from behind and the attack was finally over - phew!

What was wrong with that dog??

I know Woody, in a way, caused it but many dogs mount to each other as a dominant behaviour or simply trying to get an attention. And Woody tried just once and the Lab snapped off!

Whilst the Lab owner intervene her dog's attack on Woody, one of the dogs' teeth seemed to have caught her arm and made her bleed. Intervene a dog-fight is so dangerous, but what can you do in that situation? I don't want to imagine what could have happened to Woody if the dog owner did not stop her dog, considering the Lab was a lot bigger/heavier than Woody.

" My dog cannot stop..." said the owner afterwards.

Did she know her dog could be like that?

Woody have been attacked by neighbourhood dogs a couple of times in London but those dogs were famously dangerous in the area and had a history of attacking other dogs so there was no surprise then. But this time, I cannot believe Lab could be like that.

It was so nice though, the other dog owners witnessed the incident in the park worried about Woody's injury, and one of them offered us styptic powder and disinfectant liquid.

Woody got three bites; on his nose, chest and back neck. Nose looked the worst and did not stop bleeding for a while.

We visited our vet straight after and gave him a jab and got one week worth of antibiotics. So he has to take it easy for a week or so. Cost us about £70. Ouch!

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