Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bottle Fight

…not at a festival, but with Masaki. A couple of weeks ago, he suddenly started to refuse a bottle-feed. We’ve been using a bottle every now and again. However literally the day after we had a conversation with the Isle of Wight party gangs about the bottle-feed refusal he started rejecting it. Masaki must have heard the conversation and decided to go on a strike?! Funny thing is that he does not refuse it completely. The other day, I gave him some expressed milk from a bottle throughout the day. He was not totally happy but he accepted it. The following morning, he cried like hell even it gets close to him. Has he already got a mood swing? Some web sites suggest to use some apple juice to attract a bottle but I am not sure about the idea. I don’t want him to have a sweet tooth right from start. Having said that, when I tasted my breast milk – just in case it does not have funny acidic taste or anything like that – it was very sweet. If you use it for coffee you won't need any sugar, I will tell you!!

Bottle fight, to be continued….