Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Moving Again

Although it has only been a year since we moved to Sapporo, we will move again. This time, hopefully for the last one for a long time. The place is called Niseko, two-hour drive away from Sapporo, where there are tons of snowfalls in the winter AND famous for the world class powder. Niseko was introduced on BBC Ski Sunday a few years ago as well. I would say the area is like "a little Aussie". When we visited there for the first time, there were more foreigners, mostly from Australia, than the Japanese. Since the credit crunch, the bubble has burst and the Aussie rush has calmed down but the resort is still attracting many people from the world.

I think it is a perfect place to live for my family; surrounded by the nature and has an international community. We'll find out soon!!